Innovative Chemistry: IBS Solutions

In the laboratories of Sambol IBS GmbH, special processes, adapted for optimized cleaning with IBS-products, have been developed.

Cleaning of technical surfaces, optics and glasses with aqueous cleaners:

Sambol IBS GmbH has developed special cleaners on tenside basis, which are used for dipping and ultrasonic bath, but also in workshops or for industrial processes. The Sambol cleaners are acid, neutral, alkaline, emulsifying and demulsifying.

Cleaning of technical surfaces and electronics with organic cleaners:

These anhydrous cleaning products remove oil, residues of wax and varnish or resins and colophony. They are especially qualified for cleaning of electronics or for rinsing after an aqueous cleaning.

Cleaning of firearms:

Residue-free removal of fouling residue on parts of field-striped firearms in cleaning and rinsing processes especially combined with ultrasonic cleaning device.

Cleaning of surgical equipment:

Residue-free removal of polish used during production of surgical equipment. During the six cleaning phases, especially developed for the particular requirements of medical industries, also ultrasonic cleaning devices are applied.

Cleaning of glasses, prisms and precision optics:

During production and final polishing of glasses, prisms, lenses or complicated precision optics, you will have polish residues. During twelve combined processes, they will be removed residue-free. This cleaning includes treatment with ultrasonic cleaners as well as rinsing baths with Sambol essences and osmose water.

Cleaning of tool parts, nozzles of varnishing devices:

With IBS-processes colour residues, occurring during production of screws, cleaning of nozzles and douches or colour residues remaining in spray nozzles or oils are removed. At the same time, the tools are preserved.

Sealing of silver and other materials:

Cleaning of silver things and coating of the surfaces in one process.