Our service promise

With innovative chemistry and new technologies Sambol IBS Chemicals develops custom-tailored products and processes for your cleaning problems. Included is also the introduction of proper and economical handling of Sambol IBS products. Safety, health and environmental protection must always be ensured.

Product and service quality has absolute priority. We constantly strive to develop our product portfolio further and through continuous improvement to respond to the demands of our customers. The focus on quality and customer value is our main objective for market-oriented research and development activities.

Sambol IBS Chemicals has highly trained and strongly motivated employees. We also develop new cleaning products, especially suitable to your purposes, no matter whether you have to clean surgical equipment with special indentations or small turned parts and different surface metals.

Frequently asked questions

How does dirtying occur?

Fats and fat substances or even small, nearly invisible grinding parts after production of metal parts or optic glasses belong to daily routine. But they have to be removed perfectly. We help you along by informing you about products, concentrations, number of litres and cleaning times, suitable to your production processes.

Not only concerning suitable liquids, but also concerning ultrasonic devices, adapted to your cleaning processes, we are pleased to find the suitable equipment. We are producing cleaning cloths, dipping or emulsions for end-users, but also for opticians, jewellers and watch shops. These products are especially adapted for watches, gold and silver jewelry or jewels. Skin fat, skin particles or simply only damage are affecting the precious pieces every day. Only by periodical cleaning you can preserve the stable value and lustre of the beloved piece of jewelry.

How does ultrasonic cleaning work?

High-energy ultrasonic makes liquids oscillating. In this phase of decompression, hollows are rising. These hollows are deflating during the ensuing phase of compression. The difference in atmospheric pressure of about 1.000 atü is causing strong streaming in micro range, which is, on the other hand, generating a brushing effect. This effectuates that adherent dirt particles are removed from the surface.

What means tarnishing?

By attracting water molecules from the air, silver is tarnishing. The explanation: so called argentite coats Ag2S are formed. In case of high humidity and additional air pollution by nitrous gases or hydrogen sulphide, this silver corrosion is once more hastened. For preserving cleaned pieces of jewelry from tarnishing for a long time, we recommend to apply a sustainable tarnish protection after cleaning to maintain the shine of the jewelry. Sambol IBS chemical products are characterized by an excellent adhesion and high durability.

How does Nano Anti-Tarnish-Protection 100 work?

The Nano Anti-Tarnish-Prevention (ATP) 100 is the result from intensive research and development activities. After pre-cleaning of tarnished silver (step 1), dip the jewelry in Nano ATP 100 for 3-5 minutes (step 2), and use enclosed cotton cloth to dispense and rub the surface intensively (step 3). An innovative ATP based on Nano technology which does not affect soft stones, is optically invisible, prevents silver from tarnishing up to 1 year and is pH-neutral to skin (dermatological certificate). Our team has also developed an innovative process for the industrial application for large manufacturers of jewelry. In this case, the Nano comes as a concentrate and can be easily integrated in your production chain to protect your precious jewelry long-term and keep the original shine.